Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Jude is here!!!

I'm so thrilled to announce that our dear friends the Bleeckers welcomed their second little boy into the world this afternoon. Sweet Jude Michael was born at 3:06 pm weighing 7lbs 9oz and 21in long. Evan (their first born) and Lily are four months apart and the best of friends (and will hopefully get married someday ;). Luke and Jude are 4 1/2 months apart and hopefully will be best buds as well! 

I am always overwhelmed with awe and wonder at the miracle of life. Just to think that this morning Jude was still snug in Faith's womb and then this afternoon he was out for the world to see- breathing air, seeing light, stretching out for the first time. Probably quite a rude awakening! And just to think that his journey on this earth has begun.

I know that Michael and Faith lift up the same prayer that we pray for our kids- that they will grow to know and love Jesus more than anything else. That the Lord would reveal Himself and His will to them throughout their lives. That theirs would be a life of significant purpose and deep joy. That they would be undeniably secure in who they are in Christ.

Moments like this are so refreshing. Reflecting on the goodness of God displayed in this new little life leads me to worship. To think on Him, which has been something that unfortunately I haven't done a lot of lately. I've slowly crept back into my routine of cruising. Just staying on the surface cause that's easier than plunging into the depths and facing the depravity of my heart. But He is sweet to use this little miracle to draw my thoughts, my affection, my heart back to Him. He is good. Well, I started this post intending to announce Jude's birth, but I guess I had a little more on my heart to share!

Here's a few pictures I took on my phone...I know that Bleecker will have some posted here before too long.

pretty mama

proud daddy

little Jude!
(sorry it's blurred, he was moving)

trying to keep the toddlers entertained

kissy kissy (after the parents egged them on-i'm sure we'll regret that someday ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

exciting news!

Yikes! I still have Halloween pictures up! Wow, I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging. But tonight I've got good reason to sister Melissa (Missa as we call her) got engaged this weekend!!!! Yay! I'm SO happy for her and Jonathan. He is such a wonderful, godly man who treats Melissa SO well. Looking forward to having him as a brother-in-law! You can go here to read about the proposal. Congrats, Missa! Love you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween 08

Halloween was so fun this year now that Lily "gets it". We went to the Shops near our house for some trick or treating with Evan and Preston. Luke had two costumes that I bought the day before for cheap! Here is his cat costume/onesie. And then Friday night he was a Pumpkin- the typical infant costume- but hey it's cute.

Here's Preston the Bear and Evan as Bam Bam. Originally, I had planned for Lily to be Pebbles but she insisted on being a Ballerina Princess. How could I argue with that?

(Thanks, Missa, for the pics!)

I'm sad to say I don't have any pictures of Josh and me. I'll have to get them from somebody (Bleecker? Kristyn? anyone?) I went as Sara Palin and Josh went as Axel Rose. Wait, I do have some of Josh...from the other time that he dressed up as Axel Rose. But that's a whole other post that I don't have time for tonight. Here's what you have to look forward to...

where does the time go?

no, really, where does it go? at the end of everyday i find myself asking this same question. there is just always something that needs to be done with two kiddos and so blogging has been pretty far down that list. but i know some of you (brandi) are sick of the 4th grade fables staring back at you, so i thought i owed you some cute kid pics. that's about all i can muster up at this point. :)

here's a video of Luke from October. i think he was 11 weeks (he's 13 weeks now). listen closely all the way to the end...

Monday, November 10, 2008

chocolate pumpkin marble cake

i found this recipe and just had to try it out due to my obsession with all things pumpkin this time of year. it's a chocolate and pumpkin marble cake. you actually make two separate batters and then swirl them together before baking. here's the recipe if you're in the mood to bake. it turned out pretty tasty, but my favorite pumpkin recipe is still this one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4th Grade Fables

Fourth grade was a hard year for me. I think it's a big jump from 3rd to 4th grade- at least it was for me. It was the year I endured several things: my first "B", a painfully long pinch from the class hermit crab, the label of "piddeler" by my concerned teacher, and glasses that covered my entire face. But I survived.

Sunday I was over at my parents' house and Mom handed me a tattered, slightly yellowed book entitled "4th Grade Fables". Inside was a note from my sweet fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Whitworth, explaining that she'd come across it and thought I'd appreciate its sentimental value as much as she did. She was right. Immediately, I opened the book and memories flooded my mind as I combed through the pages and saw my classmates' names and artwork. I pictured each face and the location of their desk in Mrs. Whitworth's room.

And reading my contribution to the book of fables made me wonder what all was going through my little mind. Maybe you'll see what I mean after reading it. Here's my fable entitled "When Winners Become Losers" by #8 Natalie Jeffrey, February 12, 1990:

Steve is the school bully. He has a small gang. They always pick on a boy named Andy and his sister Brittany. One day Steve wants to fight after school. Andy says OK. So Steve decides to have the fight with Andy the next day after school. That night Andy and Brittany have a karate tournament. Steve wanted to go and pick up a couple of tips. That night Steve found out that Andy was a blackbelt and Brittany was a brownbelt. Steve was terrified. That day both boys got beat up.
Moral: In fighting, there are no winners.


Here's the picture I drew to illustrate my point.

I don't know...I guess gang violence was somewhat relevant to my little 4th grade world??? Josh and I had a good laugh reading through all the stories. Here's one that we found pretty entertaining: (The author shall remain nameless)

The Boy Who Wouldn't Move
Once there was a boy who went for a walk on a race car track during the race. It was the biggest race ever. Car #5 was in the lead. He had to stop because the boy was in the way. He told him to move but he wouldn't move. Car #7 was gaining on him so Car #5 went head on and won the race but the little boy was dead. 
Moral: Move fast or die.

Wow. It's a wonder any of us made it out of 4th grade! 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tiny Turtle

This is Lily's favorite new song that she learned at school. Here are the words in case you can't make them out: (oh, and you can pause the music if you scroll down to the playlist on the lower right)

I have a tiny turtle
His name is Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water (gulp gulp gulp)
He ate up all the soap (chomp chomp)
And now my little turtle has a bubble in his throat

6 weeks ago... sweet little Luke was born into this world. And I've FINALLY got the pictures up to share with y'all. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick a few, but I think this is a pretty good representation. Hope you enjoy!

Luke at 4 weeks

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jesus is my friend

Our friend Kevin (aka K-Bay) finds the most ridiculous stuff on youtube. I'm convinced he needs to start a blog just to post all of these priceless treasures. Here's one of his most recent finds...I don't know whether to laugh or cry....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a big thanks to...

my friend Elizabeth for making some thank you notes for Luke that match his nursery. They turned out so cute! You can see them here. Elizabeth is starting up her own business, Elizabeth Engelhardt Creations, crafting handmade announcements, invitations, and thank yous. She is hoping it will take off so she can stay home with her two kiddos. Check out her stuff here. Thanks again, Elizabeth!

Friday, September 5, 2008

first day of MDO

Thursday morning was Lily's first day of school. Now, when I say school, I really mean Mothers Day Out, since she is only two. But still, I can't believe that she is old enough for that! And that I am old enough to have a two year old who is old enough for that! Geez. Sometimes I still feel like a little seventh grade girl...and then I remember that I'm 28, married and have 2 kids. Still getting used to saying that last part. But, anyways, back to school...

I was a little nervous about the first morning, having to get her ready, myself ready, and then somehow feed Luke and get him ready as well. But it all worked out- Luke ate and went back to sleep before Lily even woke up, so I was able to get ready in peace and quiet. She woke up about 7:15 and we had some sweet time together at breakfast. Josh had mens bible study that morning and then had to drive out to Pine Cove for the day so he left her a special note. I read it to her while she ate her waffle and interviewed her on the video camera about what she was going to do at school. "Read books. Play. Eat snacks." Sounded like a good day to me.

After breakfast, I rounded up her new Hello Kitty backpack, her new Hello Kitty lunchbox, her new Dora blanket for rest time (yea, right), her baby brother Luke, and out the door we went. As I pulled into the parking lot, there was quite a buzz of suburbans and minivans unloading kids with pint-sized backpacks  and moms snapping pictures to document this monumental day. And I couldn't help but think, "Is this really happening?" as I joined the other moms in the unloading and snapping frenzy. We made it in on time and Lily, after sufficing me with a good-bye kiss, walked through the classroom door like an old pro. 

Luke and I enjoyed our time together. I went back home and fed him, shopped for a birthday gift, had lunch with friends, went home to feed again, and showed up eagerly at 2:00 to see how my daughter had fared. Lily had been somewhat timid on Tuesday during the Open House when we met her teachers and fellow students, so I wondered how she would react today. Maybe I was showing this all over my face, cause the first words the teacher uttered to me were, "Does Lily rule the roost at home?" Oh boy. Guess that answers my question. "She can...did that come out today?" "Yes, right away!" The teacher reassured me it wasn't a bad thing, just something that needed to be cultivated in the right way. She is definitely a strong little girl! So, it will be interesting to see how Lily does this year. I'm glad that she will get to be under the authority of another adult besides us or her grandparents. And we'll be praying about how to shape her strong personality, that should serve her well in life, without squashing it out or changing who she was meant to be. 

Doesn't she look so grown up?
Lily gearing up to meet her teachers at Open House

Reading a book together in her classroom

First day cheesy smile

Sweet girl

Saturday, August 30, 2008

big sister

Lily loves being the big sister. It's so sweet to watch her care for her little brother. Whenever Luke cries, she reassures him saying, "It's OK, baby Luke, your big sister Lily's here." Or she reassures me, "Baby Luke's crying, Mom. Don't worry, I'm gonna go check on him." She wants to be near him whenever she can, always ready to bring him a toy or read him a book to make him happy. There have been moments of testing, especially when I'm breastfeeding and unable to handle things right away. But for the most part, Lily is adjusting beautifully to having a new baby brother.

I've heard so many stories from friends about older siblings and their reaction to breastfeeding. I remember several little girls actually beginning to pull up their shirts and nurse their baby dolls! Well, Lily hasn't tried that (yet), but she was quite fascinated and/or puzzled by my electric pump. And I can't blame her, it is a weird contraption and even weirder concept, but I won't dog it too much cause it is a lifesaver, allowing me to get away at times. 

The first time Lily saw me pumping, she came over by me and stared me down. I explained to her that I was getting milk out for baby Luke. She just continued to stare. Later Josh and I left to take Luke to the doctor, and she stayed behind with my mom. Upon seeing my breastpump on the table, she told my mom, "I'm gonna zip up mommy's machine that goes ...." and she took both hands to her chest and pulled her shirt in and out repeatedly! Yep, just like the pump! Later on she showed Josh and I "what mommy's machine does." So I'm sure we will continue to be entertained at how Lily views this whole transition.

Here are some recent pictures of the Big Sister that were too cute not to share...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

two weeks tomorrow

Two weeks and only one picture...not acceptable, I know. Here's my lame excuse: The Bleeckers were nice enough to let us borrow their camera while we were at the hospital. But when I went to import the photos I couldn't because I don't have the latest version of iPhoto (which Bleecker does.) So, I'm going to buy the latest version so I can get the pictures and post them. I'm sorry this has taken so long! Here are some other pictures to hopefully appease you in the meantime. ;)

Luke in the nursery- they actually kept him in there until about 4:30am to monitor his "grunting" which is apparently common when babies are born early. Once it cleared up, they brought him to me so I could nurse.

Getting burped- please pardon my swollen fingers

I love this one with his eyes open.

The morning after

Lily's first time to hold him at the hospital. So sweet.

His going home outfit was the same one that Josh wore home from the hospital!

First time in his crib at home

Holding baby brother