Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tiny Turtle

This is Lily's favorite new song that she learned at school. Here are the words in case you can't make them out: (oh, and you can pause the music if you scroll down to the playlist on the lower right)

I have a tiny turtle
His name is Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water (gulp gulp gulp)
He ate up all the soap (chomp chomp)
And now my little turtle has a bubble in his throat

6 weeks ago... sweet little Luke was born into this world. And I've FINALLY got the pictures up to share with y'all. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick a few, but I think this is a pretty good representation. Hope you enjoy!

Luke at 4 weeks

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jesus is my friend

Our friend Kevin (aka K-Bay) finds the most ridiculous stuff on youtube. I'm convinced he needs to start a blog just to post all of these priceless treasures. Here's one of his most recent finds...I don't know whether to laugh or cry....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a big thanks to...

my friend Elizabeth for making some thank you notes for Luke that match his nursery. They turned out so cute! You can see them here. Elizabeth is starting up her own business, Elizabeth Engelhardt Creations, crafting handmade announcements, invitations, and thank yous. She is hoping it will take off so she can stay home with her two kiddos. Check out her stuff here. Thanks again, Elizabeth!

Friday, September 5, 2008

first day of MDO

Thursday morning was Lily's first day of school. Now, when I say school, I really mean Mothers Day Out, since she is only two. But still, I can't believe that she is old enough for that! And that I am old enough to have a two year old who is old enough for that! Geez. Sometimes I still feel like a little seventh grade girl...and then I remember that I'm 28, married and have 2 kids. Still getting used to saying that last part. But, anyways, back to school...

I was a little nervous about the first morning, having to get her ready, myself ready, and then somehow feed Luke and get him ready as well. But it all worked out- Luke ate and went back to sleep before Lily even woke up, so I was able to get ready in peace and quiet. She woke up about 7:15 and we had some sweet time together at breakfast. Josh had mens bible study that morning and then had to drive out to Pine Cove for the day so he left her a special note. I read it to her while she ate her waffle and interviewed her on the video camera about what she was going to do at school. "Read books. Play. Eat snacks." Sounded like a good day to me.

After breakfast, I rounded up her new Hello Kitty backpack, her new Hello Kitty lunchbox, her new Dora blanket for rest time (yea, right), her baby brother Luke, and out the door we went. As I pulled into the parking lot, there was quite a buzz of suburbans and minivans unloading kids with pint-sized backpacks  and moms snapping pictures to document this monumental day. And I couldn't help but think, "Is this really happening?" as I joined the other moms in the unloading and snapping frenzy. We made it in on time and Lily, after sufficing me with a good-bye kiss, walked through the classroom door like an old pro. 

Luke and I enjoyed our time together. I went back home and fed him, shopped for a birthday gift, had lunch with friends, went home to feed again, and showed up eagerly at 2:00 to see how my daughter had fared. Lily had been somewhat timid on Tuesday during the Open House when we met her teachers and fellow students, so I wondered how she would react today. Maybe I was showing this all over my face, cause the first words the teacher uttered to me were, "Does Lily rule the roost at home?" Oh boy. Guess that answers my question. "She can...did that come out today?" "Yes, right away!" The teacher reassured me it wasn't a bad thing, just something that needed to be cultivated in the right way. She is definitely a strong little girl! So, it will be interesting to see how Lily does this year. I'm glad that she will get to be under the authority of another adult besides us or her grandparents. And we'll be praying about how to shape her strong personality, that should serve her well in life, without squashing it out or changing who she was meant to be. 

Doesn't she look so grown up?
Lily gearing up to meet her teachers at Open House

Reading a book together in her classroom

First day cheesy smile

Sweet girl