Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4th Grade Fables

Fourth grade was a hard year for me. I think it's a big jump from 3rd to 4th grade- at least it was for me. It was the year I endured several things: my first "B", a painfully long pinch from the class hermit crab, the label of "piddeler" by my concerned teacher, and glasses that covered my entire face. But I survived.

Sunday I was over at my parents' house and Mom handed me a tattered, slightly yellowed book entitled "4th Grade Fables". Inside was a note from my sweet fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Whitworth, explaining that she'd come across it and thought I'd appreciate its sentimental value as much as she did. She was right. Immediately, I opened the book and memories flooded my mind as I combed through the pages and saw my classmates' names and artwork. I pictured each face and the location of their desk in Mrs. Whitworth's room.

And reading my contribution to the book of fables made me wonder what all was going through my little mind. Maybe you'll see what I mean after reading it. Here's my fable entitled "When Winners Become Losers" by #8 Natalie Jeffrey, February 12, 1990:

Steve is the school bully. He has a small gang. They always pick on a boy named Andy and his sister Brittany. One day Steve wants to fight after school. Andy says OK. So Steve decides to have the fight with Andy the next day after school. That night Andy and Brittany have a karate tournament. Steve wanted to go and pick up a couple of tips. That night Steve found out that Andy was a blackbelt and Brittany was a brownbelt. Steve was terrified. That day both boys got beat up.
Moral: In fighting, there are no winners.


Here's the picture I drew to illustrate my point.

I don't know...I guess gang violence was somewhat relevant to my little 4th grade world??? Josh and I had a good laugh reading through all the stories. Here's one that we found pretty entertaining: (The author shall remain nameless)

The Boy Who Wouldn't Move
Once there was a boy who went for a walk on a race car track during the race. It was the biggest race ever. Car #5 was in the lead. He had to stop because the boy was in the way. He told him to move but he wouldn't move. Car #7 was gaining on him so Car #5 went head on and won the race but the little boy was dead. 
Moral: Move fast or die.

Wow. It's a wonder any of us made it out of 4th grade!