Wednesday, April 30, 2008

got a few seconds to waste?

Your Preppy Name Is...

Tenley Godfrey Phinney the Fourth

But most people know you as Muffy

Monday, April 28, 2008

Grapevine Mills and the Fort Worth Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, Lily asked if she could go ride the merry-go-round. "Not the one at the playground. The one with the horsies". Ah, the carousel. So on Josh's day off we had high ambitions of driving out to Stonebriar Mall to indulge Lily on the carousel and me in Pottery Barn Kids. (Think we found Luke's bedding there, by the way...) But once we all loaded in the gold mini and made our first stop, neither Josh nor I felt like making the trek out to Frisco. So, Grapevine Mills was the next best thing. Lily got to ride the carousel and visit the alligator outside of Rainforest Cafe. As you can see, she was tuckered out from all the excitement. 

We also ventured out to the Fort Worth Zoo recently. Lily was a little unsure of the animals at first but soon warmed up to them. She got to see a gorilla and the white tiger up close. The white tiger was pacing up against the glass pane- a little too close for comfort- and Lily squeezed Josh's neck so tightly saying, "Hold me, Daddy!" Josh was loving it. I think her favorite part was being able to run all over the place. We took her big red wagon, but it ended up toting around our jackets and cameras since Lily wanted to race everywhere. She'd say, "Ready...go!" and take off. I think she sat in that wagon maybe five minutes! And of course, we took the little train across the park to ride the carousel. Those were probably Lily's favorite animals of the day! It was a great outing, and we'll definitely be back at the zoo again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lily's 2nd B-day

What a great time! It's so fun seeing Lily growing up. As I was putting together her second year video, I was amazed at how much she has changed just in one year. We're so grateful for a healthy, vivacious little girl and for the family and friends the Lord has put in our lives to love her and show her the love of Christ. Moments like these you just sit back and reflect on the goodness and grace of our God.

Monday, April 21, 2008

back to blogging...

*disclaimer* this post will not contain any pictures since i am at my parents' house and cannot connect to the internet via my computer. well, it's giving me mixed signals. mac is showing me my signal is full strength but telling me it can't find the server. i have no idea what this means except that i can't load any photos until later. sorry! they will come soon! in the meantime, there's some cute ones from Lily's party on Bleecker's blog so hopefully that will do for the time being.

Now, here are a few things that have been rattling through my mind during the unintended blog sabbatical of nearly a month:

*baby names:
I think we have a winner: Luke. Or "Baby Luke" as Lily likes to call him. (sidenote: she's actually getting used to the idea of being a big sister! today i asked her what her little brother's name was and she replied, "Baby Luke!" so sweet.) There's really no big story behind selecting the name Luke. We just thought it sounded strong and masculine, and I LOVE the way it goes with "Lily." So now we're discussing middle names. Generally, I like two syllable names beginning with a consonant. Sometimes the "k" links the two names together if the second starts with a vowel. So Luke Allen sounds like "Lukallen" which is not what we're going for. (no offense if your name is Luke Allen - merely personal preference here.) Although Josh is not on board with the following idea (yet), if we have a third child like we're hoping to later, I am really liking the name "Lucy." Lily, Luke, and Lucy. Maybe that's overkill, but I just can't get enough of the L's for now. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

*kid shows:
I have a two year old so I watch my fair share of toddler tv. And I must say that one common theme across several shows has me perplexed. Why on these particular shows do some animals get to talk and some don't? Take for example "Little Bear": a show about a Bear cub and his family. Other characters include Duck, Owl, Cat, Hen, and Emily (a human.) But the weird part is that Emily (who is Little Bear's best friend) has a dog who can't talk but behaves like a normal dog. While she and Little Bear are playing fetch with her dog, I can't get past the fact that HE IS A BEAR. How does this make any sense? On another episode, Duck complains to Little Bear about the plethora of frogs in the pond that kept her up all night with their croaking. That's right. These frogs can't talk. They only "ribbit." And so they don't understand when DUCK is TALKING to them in ENGLISH and telling them to leave. Is there some kind of weird "election" going on here in the animated kingdom that I'm unaware of? Some are enlightened and able to talk while others are just behaving as the animals we know and love. And has anybody seen that show "Franklin" about the turtle? Why is he the only one with a name and everybody else is called "Bear" or "Fox" or "Mr. Mole?" Please offer any insight you may have. In the meantime, I might need to lay off the Noggin network for a while.

*belly buttons:
Mine has officially popped out and is no longer an "inny." I'm not sure I ever had a true inny though. Josh has a much nicer belly button than mine: one that is smooth and goes way in. Mine has always had lots of ridges to it and makes me wonder if something went wrong cutting my umbilical cord. So if you look closely at my preggo belly, you'll see my little button making itself known.

*top chef:
love this show. it's this and American Idol for me right now. And the Office when it's not canceled due to weather warnings. If you like food and/or reality tv, then you will LOVE this show. It's amazing how these chefs can create these masterpieces in such little time and with such crazy guidelines to follow. Week by week, I am in awe of how well they know food and what an art it is to putting all those different elements of flavor and smell together. Let me just say that Bravo does reality TV better than anyone. Loved Project Runway too.

Alright. That's enough random thoughts for one night. Hopefully pictures will be coming soon!