Saturday, August 30, 2008

big sister

Lily loves being the big sister. It's so sweet to watch her care for her little brother. Whenever Luke cries, she reassures him saying, "It's OK, baby Luke, your big sister Lily's here." Or she reassures me, "Baby Luke's crying, Mom. Don't worry, I'm gonna go check on him." She wants to be near him whenever she can, always ready to bring him a toy or read him a book to make him happy. There have been moments of testing, especially when I'm breastfeeding and unable to handle things right away. But for the most part, Lily is adjusting beautifully to having a new baby brother.

I've heard so many stories from friends about older siblings and their reaction to breastfeeding. I remember several little girls actually beginning to pull up their shirts and nurse their baby dolls! Well, Lily hasn't tried that (yet), but she was quite fascinated and/or puzzled by my electric pump. And I can't blame her, it is a weird contraption and even weirder concept, but I won't dog it too much cause it is a lifesaver, allowing me to get away at times. 

The first time Lily saw me pumping, she came over by me and stared me down. I explained to her that I was getting milk out for baby Luke. She just continued to stare. Later Josh and I left to take Luke to the doctor, and she stayed behind with my mom. Upon seeing my breastpump on the table, she told my mom, "I'm gonna zip up mommy's machine that goes ...." and she took both hands to her chest and pulled her shirt in and out repeatedly! Yep, just like the pump! Later on she showed Josh and I "what mommy's machine does." So I'm sure we will continue to be entertained at how Lily views this whole transition.

Here are some recent pictures of the Big Sister that were too cute not to share...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

two weeks tomorrow

Two weeks and only one picture...not acceptable, I know. Here's my lame excuse: The Bleeckers were nice enough to let us borrow their camera while we were at the hospital. But when I went to import the photos I couldn't because I don't have the latest version of iPhoto (which Bleecker does.) So, I'm going to buy the latest version so I can get the pictures and post them. I'm sorry this has taken so long! Here are some other pictures to hopefully appease you in the meantime. ;)

Luke in the nursery- they actually kept him in there until about 4:30am to monitor his "grunting" which is apparently common when babies are born early. Once it cleared up, they brought him to me so I could nurse.

Getting burped- please pardon my swollen fingers

I love this one with his eyes open.

The morning after

Lily's first time to hold him at the hospital. So sweet.

His going home outfit was the same one that Josh wore home from the hospital!

First time in his crib at home

Holding baby brother

Monday, August 18, 2008

One week!

I's been a week since little Luke arrived, and I haven't blogged yet! Sorry for the delay, but I feel like I've been in somewhat of survival mode! ;) Things are going good. Luke was born at 5:26pm last Monday, the 11th. We hung around in the hospital til Thursday and then started the adventure of living at home- all four of us! My mom has been staying with us and has been a TREMENDOUS help this last week. Lily is loving her little brother and loves hugging, kissing, and holding him. I'm feeling pretty good- not near are sore as I thought I'd be- and handling the transition pretty well. Those first few days are always so hard, but I think I'm turning the corner. Luke's feeding well and is almost back up to his birth weight! He was 6 lb 11 oz and 18 in long. It's been so sweet seeing Lily love on her little brother, and I can't wait to see them interacting soon. I'll have some more pictures up soon, but here's a sweet one that I think Kristyn took of Josh and Luke in the nursery. Thanks again for all your prayers and sweet notes of encouragement. I'll try and post more when I get a chance.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

baby Luke is coming!

I know it's been a while since I've updated on the pregnancy. Here's the quick version...a few weeks back my doctor found that my placenta previa was worsening again which meant that a c-section was probably inevitable. He sent me to see a high-risk doctor to get a second opinion and determine if we would need to take Luke early. Based on what this doctor told me, I figured I might be able to wait til 38 weeks or so, but he said it would be up to my doctor. Yesterday, my doctor called and said it was going to be 37 weeks! And that I was scheduled for this Monday at 5pm! I was a little overwhelmed that that was less than a week away, but now I'm actually really excited that he will be here so soon. And it can't be that bad to shave three weeks off my pregnancy in this heat! So, Luke will be making his grand entrance THIS Monday, August 11th! Tomorrow I'm going to my doctor for what I guess will be my last check-up. Please be praying that everything will go smoothly, and Luke will arrive safe and sound...and for the transition in general- for all of us. I know it will take some adjusting, but I'm looking forward to life as four!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

the circus after the circus

This morning we ventured off to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus at American Airlines Center. I haven't been to the circus in years- probably back when it was in Reunion Arena. (Anybody else have fond memories of Sidekick and Maverick games back in the day? Tatu was the coolest.) Anyway, my mom and dad graciously treated the whole family to breakfast and the "Greatest Show on Earth". We got a solid 3 hours of circus mania since we got there for the pre-show at 10:30. It was a pretty cool deal. They let you walk out on the floor and watch some mini-acts up close. Lily was somewhat overwhelmed at all the people and activity. She squeezed Josh's neck and just stared at all that was going on. 

sidenote: As I watched these entertainers perform their ever so random skills, I couldn't help but wonder how they got started. I mean, do you set out to be a circus star? Are you raised from birth to climb sway poles? Are you recognized and scouted out of high school for your amazing stilt-walking abilities? And it made me wonder why there's not a reality show about the circus (or at least a documentary). I would LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes and hear the stories of the circus family members.

After the pre-show, we found our seats and Lily seemed to relax a little now that we were a good distance from the action. The next two hours were pretty fun, although it got a little slow during the second act. Yes, there's an intermission at the circus. Come on, they've got to give you as many opportunities as they can to buy the stuff they're selling. I've never seen so many flashy, twirly gadgets in all my life. And in case you get hungry (since you're there for 3 hours- during lunchtime) they've got plenty stocked up to snack on. Mind you, it will cost $12 for that cotton candy, but hey- it comes with a super snazzy hat that is obviously worth far more.

I'd say Lily's favorite parts were the jumping poodles, the popcorn, and the cotton candy. All in all, it was a good show and a good time with the family.

By 2:00 and after our short, sweaty jaunt to the gold mini, we were ready to head home and even looking forward to an afternoon nap. But unfortunately, a nap was not to be this day- for me or my toddler. A little over half-way home on I-35, a car illegally cut over in front of us into the HOV lane (one of Josh's biggest pet peeves). Doesn't seem like too big a deal (except that it's against the law), but this car sent some debris (which looked like a pipe) flying at us. There was no dodging it, and we did the only thing we could do- drove right over it. And most of the time you just look back in the rear view mirror, wonder what it could have been, and get back to conversation. All of which we did, until we smelled gas. Not a good smell when you're traveling down the highway at 75 mph. So Josh pulled over onto the shoulder (thankfully it was a big one), and we all climbed out to notice our gasoline spilling out all over the pavement. So you've got six adults (one being 9 mo pregnant) and a 2 1/2 year old stranded on the side of 35 in 103* heat. 

Since the gas line was obviously punctured, we called 911 and waited for help to arrive. Within 5 minutes, two fire trucks pulled up on the scene. The firemen were great and even let the girls sit in the firetruck while they assessed the situation. 

The tow truck arrived (with half as much haste as the firetrucks) and carried away our beloved gold mini. Dad was a trooper and rode in the tow truck while the rest of us piled into Hillary's and Macy's cars (thank you!!!) and made our way home. 

Through this very hot inconvenience, I'm reminded of how quickly our world can change. In just one instant, when I'm not expecting it, something happens that shakes or even destroys my little safety net. And what is my reaction in that situation? What am I hoping in? Where is my joy founded? Thankfully, all that was damaged today was our minivan. We all walked away by God's grace safely and unharmed. But when the time comes when the damage might be far more costly and leave my soul aching, I long to ultimately be at peace, somehow, knowing that my hope lies with my Heavenly Father and His Sovereign will. That my joy is founded in His eternal goodness, regardless of whether He gives or takes.

Just a few weeks away from Luke's arrival, I find myself more reflective than usual. And sometimes that reflectiveness looks a lot like worry. Or maybe it's not exactly worry, but just that uneasiness about what could be around the corner. Things seem so good now. Josh and I talked about this recently, and he reminded me of several people who, in the midst of great tragedy or hardship, said they see God's grace in their circumstances. They know Him far more now than before this current trial. And it just confirms how sweet our Lord is to give grace in that moment to those who need it most. To sustain them and draw them closer still. I spend so much energy worrying about what may never happen rather than resting in the fact that if/when it does, God is there to walk me through the valley. I want to rest in that even now.

Whew. Hope that makes sense. It's been a long day and a really long post. I'm off to bed. :)