Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Melissa and Jonathan's wedding

I wanted to put up a few pictures of Melissa's wedding. Everything was SO beautiful. Melissa was gorgeous...absolutely striking. I was stressed out as to whether or not Lily was going to make it down the aisle. While we were trying to take pictures pre-ceremony, she was crawling under furniture and rolling on the floor. You can see that in Melissa's lap she was not happy about getting her picture taken. But when the time came for us to line up, something clicked inside her, and she did exactly what she was supposed to do! She was absolutely smitten with the ringbearer, Wyatt, which helped. He was a couple of years older and so precious. She still asks about him even a month after the wedding! But you can see that as they were walking down the aisle Lily reached over to hold Wyatt's hand! It was so sweet! Couldn't have planned anything cuter!

Their photographer Amber did a great job.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Phone Fascination

Luke is in that stage where he is totally intrigued by cell phones...or any phone. Whenever he hears one ring, even a ring tone play, he puts his hand up to his ear and says his version of, "Hello." So cute. My brother James and his girlfriend Krista were letting Luke play with their cell phones one afternoon. My favorite face is when the phone that he's holding lights up and his mouth opens as wide as it can go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

trains at the Gaylord

While our husbands were out of town a few weeks ago, Kristyn, Faith and I took the kids out to see the train exhibit at the Gaylord. The kids loved it. They had free kids meals, free monkey shows and free balloon animals (although you had to endure some awkward comments from the balloon man). We got a double dose of the awkward comments when we had to revisit him to get more balloon animals since Evan threw his and Lily's off the balcony at dinner. It was a fun, and of course, crazy night. :)

Preston getting a little too excited about the trains

"don't mess with us"

flower girl practice

The week before the wedding, Lily, Luke and I met mom and dad at the chapel so Lily could get a feel for walking the aisle.

breaking in her shoes

little brother looking on

Eating her reward - skittles

now for some fun