Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Visit from "Uncle" Afshin

We got to spend some time with our favorite honorary uncle, Afshin Ziafat, this weekend. We go way back with Afshin. He was the college minister at Prestonwood the summer that Josh and I started dating (1998). Now he is based out of Houston but mostly travels with his own speaking ministry. Afshin has an amazing testimony...Born Muslim, he and his family fled Iran when he was very young. An English tutor gave him a Bible when he was in elementary school, a time when most shunned him because of his ethnicity. Later in high school, Afshin rediscovered the Bible and trusted Christ. When his father, a prominent Muslim doctor, found out about his conversion, he disowned his son. Afshin literally had to choose between his earthly father and his heavenly father. He chose to trust his heavenly father though it meant giving up a relationship with his dad. He moved to Dallas and interned at Prestonwood for a while before becoming the college pastor and then later developing his own speaking ministry. Now he travels around the country and internationally to share the gospel. By God's grace his relationship with his father has been restored, and Afshin continues to hope and pray for his dad's salvation. (Hope I got all that right, Shin!)
Anyways, we love Afshin and what God is doing in and through his life. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers as he continues to fulfill God's call on His life. We hope he comes to visit again soon!


Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

Hi! I love this guy. His testimony is amazing. I heard a sermon from him one time at the Village and I hope to hear him again soon. Josh told me one time that his name is pronounced Afrosheen. Made me laugh! Thanks for sharing Lily's Uncle pics!

Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

P.S. Loved seeing you both last night. Jon/I felt so blessed all the way home. Love you both!!

sim said...

ah! so fun to find friends! love all of these pics - you guys are just darling!