Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Or in case you somehow missed out on that elementary school jargon, Best Friends Forever. Here are some of Lily's pals.

Evan (6 mo), Lily (10 mo), Noah (10 mo)

Reid (14 mo) and Lily

sharing a snack

Evan and Lily

exploring the exersaucer

As you can see, there's lots of boys around, so it's nice to get some girl time in.
Katelyn (7 mo) and Lily in the big chair

Storytime with "Uncle" Chris

playing with Katelyn's hair (typical girl!)


olivia and henry said...

lily has so many precious friends!

Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

Ok. It's safe to say that LILY PAT is MISS photogenic! Every pic of her is precious.
Many of my blog stalking friends have come into agreement with me that Lily Pat is in their TOP 5 CUTE KIDS list. (no kidding)