Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Counting down the days...

til Josh returns. It actually hasn't been as bad as I was anticipating. Monday was hard. I felt like a basketcase...tearing up everytime I came across something of Josh's. Usually I would just busy myself to avoid facing the fact that he's gone, but I made a point to spend some time processing/journaling/praying that afternoon. I felt like the Lord was calling me to rest in Him. To rest in His sovereignty. In His goodness. Calling me to trust that whatever happens, whether here at home or on the other side of the world, I would be OK in the end because He is enough. As much as I love my husband, I must know that God is still better. I pray that He will bring me to that place where I can wholeheartedly believe this.

Tuesday and Wednesday have been easier. I've gotten so many encouraging texts and emails from friends and family offering to help out or hang out in the meantime. How awesome it is to feel loved and cared for by the Body. Today, I got an email from Josh saying he safely arrived and is enjoying every minute. I'm so thankful that my husband has this opportunity to see God at work in the lives of people in a foreign country. I pray this experience would stir his affections even more for our great God.

Here's an email Josh sent the day before he left. It had me in tears then, and it makes me miss him more now. Man, I can't wait for the sweet reunion next Thursday.

I love you all dearly. I am set to leave in the morning for the other side of the world. As I type this email I am both excited and a little sad. This is a strange mix of emotions. I am blaming it squarely on Natalie and Lily. You see, when I was a single guy this would be nothing but exhilarating. Sure, I would be leaving family and friends, but the adventure would be more captivating. Now, those two girls are my adventure. I love being a husband and a daddy. God has given me the most incredible mantle of influence and responsibility and I want to be found faithful. So, why would I go…it plays into the adventure.

I am going because Christ commissioned us to go. I want my family to see me walk obediently. I am going because the world is bigger than America. I want my family to know this as well. I am going because the gospel has a call on my life. I want my family to know the gospel has a call on their lives as well. So, I am inviting you all into this adventure with me. Pray that the gospel would go forth. Pray that I would speak boldly in the name of Jesus. Pray that I would have the opportunities to encourage the pastors there. Pray for my time with our friends who are serving there now. Pray for our safe travel.

I love you all and am confident that you will take good care of my girls while I am away…I realize they are your girls too!


Bex said...

GEEZ!!!! i just started tearing up reading this letter! ohhh, nat, that letter is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie. I havent really introduced myself, though I have seen you often. I just started working at the church recently. Nice to see you on here, and that letter is precious. :)

LeRay said...

I miss him too after reading that, and i don't even know where he went!! Where is he? I hope you are still doing well. I know that next Thursday will be sweet when he returns!! What an awesome hubby you have!

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

I'm praying for both you and Lauren and your families. What a beautiful post!

lauren w said...

aw! what a sweet hubby :)

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Oh honey----praying he gets back safe and sound and what an email.
If by chance you don't scrapbook...please start. This must go into a scrapbook album for Lily to have someday. So precious. God is just amazing.
Much love---The Hughes