Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Dad

July hosts the birthdays of two of my favorite men. Josh on the 2nd, as you know from the last post and my dad today on the 23rd. These men (and Jesus) have shaped who I am today, so here's a short list of things I wouldn't have been or done had it not been for my dad...(I saw this on another blog and thought it was a fun idea.)
Without you, Dad...
1. I never would have learned to throw a spiral football.

2. I wouldn't have as much loyalty and love for Baylor University as I do.

3. I never would have learned to juggle.

4. I probably wouldn't be nearly as free-spirited (what Josh calls "messy").

5. I wouldn't have seen how to encourage and build up others so well.

6. I might not know what it means to live out love the way you do.

7. I never would have waited for a guy like Josh had you not set the standard so high.

8. I wouldn't have been as comfortable getting up to sing or speak in front of people.

9. I would not be nearly as competitive as I am (or ruthless at Monopoly).

10. I probably wouldn't appreciate a good steak dinner as much as I do.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Thank you for who you are and how you have loved me. I hope this next year is full of joy, laughter, hope, and God's nearness. 
I love you, 


Bex said...

awww! i love this...especially #7 :)

Chris said...

Is there anyone better than the great Neal Jeffrey? well, of course not.

Summer said...

awww, dads are the best!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Aw this is sweet!

lauren w said...

this is great! i may have to borrow this idea as well come Oct 14th. i have only met your dad twice maybe but it was clear he is a Great man. :)

olivia and henry said...

natalie, your dad truly is one of the most amazing men i have ever known!!! you are so blessed. happy birthday neal!!!

The Corsos said...

so sweet, nat!!

Nat & Annie said...

I love your dad. Especially when he plays monopoly! He scares me....;0.