Sunday, January 11, 2009

feel good music

I know, it's January 11th, and I haven't even posted Christmas pictures yet. I cannot deny that I have been a delinquent blogger lately, but I'm going to try and remedy that now (not with pictures, cause I'm on my mom's computer)- but with a post about feel good music.

You know the kind...the music that just feels right...feels like you should be listening to it on a roadtrip in a convertible seeing beautiful scenery with good that you could just listen to a thousand times and never grow tired of...the kind you have to sing along to.

I know there's lots of that music out there, but I've recently rediscovered some thanks to my dad. Now, my dad is funny about his music. He's the type that will hear a song and then obsess over it for months. Seriously, like he'll listen to it over and over and over. I think his longest fixation was on Hootie and the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You" when I was in high school. Man, he killed that song.

Recently, dad has been on a Billy Joel kick. Over Christmas, we borrowed his car one night and heard "The Essential - Billy Joel CD" playing "Piano Man." Josh cranked up the volume and we sang along...or did that thing where you don't know all the words so you sing nonsense until you can throw in a few here and there. It's good music. Something so amazing about a musician with a good voice who can write good music and play an instrument (or several.) They're the real deal. Doing what they were designed to do. Using their gifts. And they don't have to be fabricated by the industry with all the hoop-la to cover up their deficiencies as a sub-par musician. (Wait...I'd better step off my soapbox and get back to Piano Man...) Anyways, it was just one of those feel good moments getting carried away by the melody of the piano and harmonica.

Another one of my favorites (that Dad is also obsessing over right now) is "She's Always a Woman." oh, and "She's Got a Way." Just so good. So that's why Billy Joel is on the playlist right now. Let me know some of your favorite feel good music...


Summer said...

My hearts soars with any Mariah Carey song. Or Elvis Presley's "That's Alright Mama"

Kate Alfermann said...


I just wanted to thank you for sharing a bit of your testimony on video at church a few weeks ago. I can identify with a lot of what you said. It was really encouraging to me! Thanks!

p.s. I really love Billy Joel too!


The Hunters said...

Hey Natalie,
I hope you got my message about the Colic Calm. I would love to know how little Luke is doing.
Canon still loves it at night and is all smiles after I give it to him. We've stained some clothes along the way since it is like black ink :)
Hope you are doing well.

Jillian Smith said...

Hey Natalie!

Found your blog on Andrea B.'s, and two of my favorite driving songs are:

"The Very Thought of You" - Billie Holiday


"Hard to Say" - Sister Hazel

Hope you're having a great weekend!!