Tuesday, July 7, 2009

necklaces from Uganda

Hello, friends!
We just got back from spending the week at Family Camp in the Ozarks of Arkansas! I'm dying to post some pictures, but I know it will take me longer than I should stay up tonight. Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow. But for now, I wanted to post a link to Emily's blog so you can find out about the jewelry from Uganda she's selling to help African women. Pretty cool! You can contact her directly, or let me know if you want to help!


The Rozell Family said...

hey thanks Natalie for the shout out!!! hope you are doing well! i want to bring a bunch of these necklaces over ya'lls way soon. I know Kristyn Holleman was interested too. Do you know Odette Leon? I will be at her house in August with a bunch of them

The Rozell Family said...

hey Natalie,

thanks so much for this link to my blog. I am so glad some of ya'll got ot see necklaces the other day that Tarrah brought. Thank ya'll so much for purchasing! So far almost 8,500 dollars has been sent over to teh women in Uganda! God has done incredible things. The necklaces have sold SO fast! let me know if you know of anyone else who wants to purchase. Send them my way!!! how are you?? hows it going with two!!! We are having a blast. Calvin is now 5 months and at such a fun age. miss seeing all of you guys at H.V. we are actually coming there tonight b/c we havent been in SO long to H.V. keep in touch