Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Melissa and Jonathan's wedding

I wanted to put up a few pictures of Melissa's wedding. Everything was SO beautiful. Melissa was gorgeous...absolutely striking. I was stressed out as to whether or not Lily was going to make it down the aisle. While we were trying to take pictures pre-ceremony, she was crawling under furniture and rolling on the floor. You can see that in Melissa's lap she was not happy about getting her picture taken. But when the time came for us to line up, something clicked inside her, and she did exactly what she was supposed to do! She was absolutely smitten with the ringbearer, Wyatt, which helped. He was a couple of years older and so precious. She still asks about him even a month after the wedding! But you can see that as they were walking down the aisle Lily reached over to hold Wyatt's hand! It was so sweet! Couldn't have planned anything cuter!

Their photographer Amber did a great job.


Kristyn said...

This was so fun to look at these pictures!! You are so right, Melissa looked stunning!!!
and I love how Lily wore white gloves!!!!! so sweet!

lauren w said...

aw so cute! i had no doubts that Lilly would rise to the occasion to preform her flower girl duties! she seems like a 'rise to the occasion' and 'knock it out of the park' kind of girl :)

Nat & Annie said...

I love these. I love how Lily and Luke are mini you and Josh. God did good;)