Sunday, May 27, 2007

Second Honeymoon

I guess I can call it our second honeymoon. Josh seemed to think that the second honeymoon comes after 25 years of marriage or something. But I say, Carpe Diem. We've got to have our second honeymoon while we're both around to enjoy it. (Technically, it was an early celebration of our four year anniversary-June 6th.)

Last week, Josh and I escaped to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I was extremely excited to go, especially since life has been pretty busy lately. This was going to be my first time away from Lily longer than overnight. So, I was a little nervous to leave her. But I simply put my anxiety to good use and typed up "The Lily Handbook": a 3 page manual on Lily's life for the grandparents to reference while we were gone. How's that for not being a Type A? (Even Josh was impressed.)

We headed to the airport early Monday morning, and within 30 minutes from leaving our house we were dropped off, checked in, and through security. Let the waiting begin. We explored the new international terminal of DFW (very nice by the way) and enjoyed some bagels and coffee at Einstein's. I could tell we were in for a GREAT trip when our conversation turned to a discussion on the Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D.A. Carson. I just love the wealth of knowledge my husband is...anyways, as we were waiting to board, a voice came over the intercom and invited all of us to welcome home some soldiers who were returning from Iraq. Minutes later, the whole terminal erupted in applause. People all around us were standing, cheering, whistling, clapping, as probably 300 soldiers walked by. It was quite a moving experience. Josh and I both teared up. Just to think of these men and women leaving their families to go serve their country. That takes some kind of courage. It really made me proud to be an American. I felt a real sense of patriotism and unity in that moment with total strangers.

We arrived in Cancun at about 12pm. As we were waiting for our shuttle to the resort, we met another couple on their honeymoon: Travis and Cathy from Minnesota. When Josh mentioned that he was a pastor, they said they were believers and actually go to Piper's church in Bethelehem. They were both fairly new Christians so it was exciting to hear how God is working in their lives. It's so cool to meet believers from other cities or countries. You really feel an instant bond without even really knowing them.
(forgot to take a picture with them)

The rest of the afternoon, we just explored the resort. Our room was amazing! They renovated fairly recently and I loved the decorating. Very sleek, modern, sophisticated, but simple. Perfect for the beach. Every room had a jacuzzi hot tub next to the bed overlooking the ocean and pool!

Our main objective for the trip was rest. So, we decided just to play everything by ear. No set time to be anywhere. Tuesday through Thursday looked like this: wake up about 9, eat breakfast, workout, eat lunch, lay out all afternoon, read in hot tub, shower, eat dinner. Two nights we walked into the town after dinner. Friday morning we headed back to Dallas and were happily reunited with our sweet Lily.
Here's some more pictures from the trip:

Breakfast on our balcony

Josh beating the Spaniard in the International Ping Pong Tournament Championship. Congrats, Josh on being the International Ping Pong Champion!

(Maury, this one's for you!)

Josh and Leo, the Activities Planner, after Josh won Mexican Lottery (We still found time to compete on this trip).

All in all, it was just what we needed. We really did get to rest and relax. I actually finished a book and got over half way done with another one. (Can't remember the last time that happened) The one I started on the trip was called "Death By Suburb" by David Goetz. I love the subtitle: How to keep the Suburbs from killing your soul." Early on in the book, he talks about how important it is to seek God where you are: in the suburbs.

We often think, "Oh, if I could just get away to the beach and watch the sunset or to a quiet waterfall in Montana, I could really find God." He quotes Martin Luther as saying, "Nature cannot reveal God. Nature is indeed very wonderful, and every particle of creation reveals the handiwork of God, if one has the eyes to see. But nature can only confirm one's prior belief in the beneficence of God." He goes on to say that solitude, which is required for spiritual development, is "more inside space than outside space." It isn't physically fleeing the suburbs but rather learning the practice of becoming still. This was interesting to read as I sat looking out over the ocean, listening to the waves roll in one after the other. I often think the answer to my lack of spiritual depth lies in a getaway to a secluded beach or mountaintop. If I could only get there, then I could know God more deeply. But really, being there on the beach I was no closer to God than in my own living room. It's all about the state of my heart wherever I am. Anyways, it's a great read and very true to the suburban life. I love his honesty and can relate to more of it than I'd like to admit. So,does this mean I can consider myself a reader? Or do you have to finish more than one book?


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I am so glad you guys got to go lay by the beach for a week. Man, I am jealous!! Lily came straight to me last night! It was crazy! Maybe she likes everyone, but I felt very, very special! :)

Summy V & DawnyT said...

New proposal: The Village Church, Playa Campus.

The Patterson's: Pastor
Summer: Social planner and bringer or witty banter

Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

Oh my Lord girl. I'm so loving your pics and wonderful amazing words. Thanks for sharing honey.
BTW: I love your pigtails. So cute.
Thanks for the book suggestion...I need that read.
Looks like ya'll had a blast. HUGS! A

Jeffie said...

nat, so happy you were able to get away with Josh! the place you stayed looked incredible! laughed so hard at the "competing" part. . .love it! can't wait to catch up this week or next. love you!

olivia and henry said...

wow, natalie! what a wonderful vacation. i'm so glad that you and josh were able to get away, to rest and enjoy being together. love the stories and the pics! ang

maury jo photography said...

Love all the pics of the beach and it looks like ya'll had a glad you enjoyed it and can't wait to see you!

sim said...

oh wow! can you sense the jealousy oozing from my pores??? The pics are great and I'd say you're a bona fide reader!!

chavon said...

I second Summer's proposal. Can I be in charge of local missions? i'll make sure everyone there has a margie and a bathing suit.

you look HOT HOT HOT! work that nat!

Andrea Bowman said...

Hey Nat! I missed you lots too...let's definately do lunch tomorrow. Want me to come over at 12? Love you!
P.S. Love your I want to go there!

P.P.S Great point about where your heart is and not your actual location

LindseySheaPhotography said...

You two look hot!!!!!

kerristarr said...

Not bad...but nothing beats the Bahia Mar, you know! Ceilings falling in, mutated fish coming out of the faucets! I'm glad you two enjoyed your vacation. Love ya!