Saturday, August 11, 2007

I knew this day would come. The day that I would fly for the first time with my very "active" toddler. And now that day is here. In two short hours, I will board an airplane with a hundred or so unsuspecting passengers. I guess my greatest fear is being "that" mom with the out of control kid. Not that Lily is usually out of control (though she has her moments) but just the fact that there is nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. So, following much of your advice, I've stocked up on crackers, cheerios, VeggieTales DVDs, and am ready to face the unknown and give her whatever she wants that hour and a half. Maybe the Lord thinks I need a little faith building. ;)

All that to say, we're off to the beaches of Gulf Shores with my family for the week. I'll be back soon with plenty of pictures and an update of how our flight went. Here goes nothing!


Summy V & DawnyT said...

on the plane ride back from Memphis, there was a 3 year old in the seat behind me that kicked my seat for an hour straight. I just let it go. I know sweet Lily would never do that! good luck and have fun!!

thosetonnes said...

Hope you have fun! Can't wait for pictures!