Friday, March 28, 2008

wow...i have a two year old

Happy 2nd B-day, Lily Marie!
The full-length celebratory post will have to wait til I have more brainpower. I've been on my feet all day in preparation for our family party tonight. It was a blast! Tomorrow morning we're having a few of Lily's friends over to celebrate toddler style. I'll have pictures and stories at another time...just lost my train of thought...oh, I must say that this week I was inspired to actually plan for the parties in hopes of avoiding the usual "day of stressed out nervous breakdown" while trying to completely clean, prep, and make last minute runs to Target. And it worked! Today, thirty minutes before party time, I can actually say that I was in good spirits and had not attacked my sweet husband (though I was still in my pajamas while the guests began arriving.) But I think you Type A people might be on to something here. Maybe I'll give it another shot to make sure it just wasn't some kind of a fluke thing. (Needless to say, Josh was so proud.) I'll get back with you about the parties...and about baby #2. We know what it is!!! I'll let you know hopefully tomorrow!


The Engelhardt 4 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Lily. You are getting to be such big girl, with great personality, love, and ultimate cuteness. We miss seeing you each week at the gym or at church. You are going to be a fabulous big sister because of your generous and compassionate heart. Continue to keep your kind and loving heart. Blessings.
Gabe, Elizabeth, Perryn, and Teagan

John and Natalee Warren said...

e told Josh to tell Lily "Happy Birthday!" He better have! ;-)
Can't wait to see some pics from her party!
Can I get your email address, I'm really looking forward to Friday!
Hope you are rested from this weekend!

David Campbell said...

Ummm, I don't know if you will remember me telling you that I can't wait to find out what I or other people are having! I can't wait to hear what the next adorable Patterson baby will be!!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Natalie, Somehow I can never really believe that you are not Type A, I just FEEL like you should be...