Saturday, March 8, 2008

Helping around the house

With this crazy TX weather, we've had to get a little creative in order to keep the toddler entertained. Lily loved filling in as Daddy's asst. handyman and Mommy's kitchen apprentice.

Lily "playing" on the ladder while Josh and our friend Brad installed a new ceiling fan. 

The two bakers in our matching aprons

Lily loves watching the mixer go round and round.

Blowing pretend bubbles

Every good baker tastes her work


The Mays Family said...

Great pictures, Brooke loves to help me bake, especially cookies but she usually eats way too much cookie dough. She also hates the sound that the mixer makes so stays clear at the point.

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Okay so those matching aprons are waaaaaay tooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you and Lily BOTH look so beautiful, Lily and those pink pouty lips is headed for some Angelina hotness.

Elizabeth Engelhardt Cakes and Crafts said...

She gets cuter every time I see her pictures.

Emmers said...

L-o-v-e the aprons!

lauren w said...

i was just about to leave you a comment asking for more Lily pics! Dawn is right you and Lily are beautiful! so fun :)

That Stanford said...

ahahaha...i love lily's look on her face in the pic with you!!! hilarious...i'm so sad i won't get to play with her for another 2 whole weeks!!! :(