Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ah, spring

I love this time of year. Lily and I enjoyed some time outside today between rain showers. The flowers were so pretty and colorful that I thought I'd snap some pictures. Way to go, Josh, on all your hard work grooming the flowerbeds so we can enjoy them!

the day lilies

the climbing roses

the jasmine that smells amazing

Miss Lily and her Ladybug


The Engelhardt 4 said...

Looks good...I hope that one day, we will be able to have a nice garden, but that may mean I must STAY AWAY!! Darn brown/black thumb of mine!!!

Christy said...

Love the beautiful flowers! How did you get your jasmine to be so full? I have planted some in our front yard and it isn't near as full as yours. It is my favorite and i LOVE the smell. (seaside had ton's of jasmine growing there) have a good weekend! christy