Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Luke is 15mo old

Luke is fifteen months old today. I'd hoped to blog more about his developmental milestones, but, like too many other things in my life right now, I didn't follow through. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight my sweet boy.

Dear Luke,

Happy 15 months today! What a blessing you are to our family. Countless times everyday I thank God for your little life. Your personality is definitely coming through these days! And apart from being a sweet Mama's boy, you also have a goofy side too! In fact, today Daddy and I sat and laughed as we watched you and Lily chase each other around the house, screaming and giggling. You love to run and shake your head back and forth with your tongue hanging out until you get so tickled at yourself you usually fall down. But that hardly slows you up as you're back at it again in seconds!

Probably my favorite thing you're doing right now is hugging. At any given moment, you will bee-line it to my legs and crash into them, squeezing for dear life. And I melt when I'm holding you and you wrap your arms around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder. I could stay there for hours. But you're not just partial to me, you have hugs to share with Lily and Daddy too. There's nothing sweeter than to see you and Lily embrace in a full-on bear hug. I'm praying that you and Lily will be more than just brother and sister- but best friends too. It seems like you're off to a good start there.

Your big sister seems to be your hero right now. You like to do whatever she's doing. Whether it's washing your hands at the sink or sitting on the couch or reading books- you're right there behind her wanting your turn. Lily is a sweet big sister to you- most of the time. She's quick to step in and defend you on the playground when other big kids are around. Always looking out for her little "Lukey-boy." That's what she calls you and I constantly have to clarify when people ask her your name and then look confused.

Walking is now old hat and running and climbing seem to be new found interests. The stairs in our new house are your peak of choice although I'm always there to bring you back down to base camp. We haven't had a tumble so far!

It seems that everyday you're learning and attempting new words. Some new to your vocabulary are: wa-wa: water, ball, please, more, dog, nite-nite, bye-bye, and several animal sounds, but my favorite is "hot." Everything that is set before you regardless of its actual temperature is "hot." You point to it and say "hot" which sounds more like "ha" and then proceed to blow on it at least twice. It's so great and cracks me up every time.

Luke, I am so grateful and humbled to be your Mama. I pray for you everyday, that you would love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. That He would be your everything. I pray that you'd have friends to walk in deep, honest Biblical community with. And that one day the Lord would provide you with a godly wife who loves Jesus and wants to follow Him with you.

I'm thankful for the 15 months we've had together and pray and hope for many more to come. You and your sister stir my affections for the Lord, and for that I'm grateful. I hope that one day as a parent you can understand the joy that I find in being your Mama.

I love you.

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