Friday, November 13, 2009

sweet glimpses

This morning was a lazy one. Josh and I got up with the kids, and he made his famous "egg creation." After eating, we switched from cartoons to music and sipped coffee while watching the kids play. Lily then told me to "be busy" so she and Dad and Luke could play farm animals in her room. I didn't take offense but rather saw it as an opportunity to get some things done downstairs. I started picking up the kitchen when the song on the ipod caught my ear.

It was a familiar one that I hadn't heard in a while so I grabbed my mug and sat down to refresh my memory. I can remember the first time I heard it was back in college when Josh and I attended Bent Tree Bible a few times. For whatever reason, this song has always struck a cord deep within me. Maybe it's the clever phrasing of the words or the evolution of the sweet melody. I just think it's such a beautiful analogy of our lives- moving through different seasons of celebration, change, heartache, growth. I'm reminded that through it all the Lord is at the center. Just as He orchestrates every minute detail of every season change, He is also beautifully arranging the components of my life, providing purpose for each season though I may not see it now.

On another note, this song prompts me to look for Him in what I can sometimes consider the mundane. My friend Kristyn was sharing with me a passage from the book Cold Tangerines. (I haven't read it yet.) In it the author shares about a hectic season in her life when she was so busy racing from event to event, that one day she looked up and saw the tree across the street was the most magnificent shade of red she'd ever seen. She hadn't even noticed it starting to change and was reminded she had lost sight of what was most important. Far too often I get so caught up in the motions of my day that I fail to even think on the Lord. This is a call to see Him in His creation. When I do stop and gaze at the vast sky or admire the rich shade of red on a leaf, my heart is drawn to worship.

Today, through a song, I saw sweet glimpses of Him. My heart was stirred and longed to be near Him. Thank you, Lord, for using your gift of music to draw me unto you.

Every Season - Nichole Nordeman


Anonymous said...

I love this song too! My old winterguard group (dancing with flags) did a show to this. Miss Cassie (then Cale) was in it. But, yes, this is a gorgeous song that always stirs my soul as well. Thanks for sharing!

The Hunters said...

Natalie, I love this song too. And haven't heard it in ages, but have many sweet memories of before I was married, listening to it and pondering my life. So busy now...and it is always good to be refreshed with this. thank you!

Kristyn said...

Beautiful post Nat. Love you.

DuckworthFam said...

Love that you grabbed that moment with your coffee to listen. I adore Cold Tangerines! read it twice now. Just makes you wanna throw dinner parties and read. :)

natalie said...

Sweet. I remember Josh's Egg Creation from, good times;)

Amy Cheek said...

What a sweet post and great reminder to us all, Natalie. Loved the snow pictures as well!