Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day

I have never seen so much snow on the ground here in Dallas. What a fun surprise to wake up to a blanket of white everywhere. As it continued to snow throughout the day, I felt as though I were looking out the window of a lodge in Colorado rather than my own house. Didn't it break some snowfall record in Texas? It is one thing to go somewhere like Colorado and experience such beauty, but truly unique that we got to see our everyday world as a winter wonderland. The buildings and trees that I'm so used to driving past looked glorious in their coat of white. The shops that we live by felt like a ski village with the pockets of snow everywhere. This much snow was just begging us to come and build snowmen and make snow angels. We bundled up the best we could and headed out. Lily was in heaven. Luke enjoyed it for a while. But he wouldn't keep any gloves on so he was done once his hands got too cold. Here's Lily and Daddy's snowman:

Snow angels
Luke on a cracker break

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melissaj said...

Such cute kids!!!!!