Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Lily

Easter was extra special this year because it fell on Nan's (my grandma's) birthday. We spent the afternoon at Uncle Phil's house celebrating.

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Helping Nan open her gifts

Checking out Pebbles the dog

Always laughing with Aunt Missa

Loving on Uncle James


olivia and henry said...

what a beautiful family!!!

Them Chandlers said...

So cute - Nan and Lily! :)

sim said...

doesn't get much cuter than this!

Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

Oh, that child is precious! Her dress is so cute.
Hugs to you/Josh--miss ya'll--oh...check my blog! Great news!

KimBeau Hughes said...

I'm just saying... I think Lily looks good in the green. When are y'all coming over so she can play in my child-safe house?

chavon said...

cute little family!! good seeing you the other night!

kerristarr said...

pretty precious, what more can i say? love you guys!