Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pray for Liz

Lily and I spent the afternoon at the park where we ran into Liz and her two kids Otto-2 and Zeze-4. They just moved here from Brooklynn for her husband's job. They've been here a week and are living in Lantana Apartments. She's a stay at home mom and seems really fun. We did the usual chit chat about the kids, restaurants in the area (had to tell her about Anamia's and their tableside guacamole), where we grew up. She asked what Josh did and I told her he was on staff at our church. And then I casually say - "Hey, don't know if you do the church thing, but if you guys wanna give it a try, it's real laid back." And then we moved on. And in my head I'm thinking, "Lord, is that it? Is that all you're calling me to say? Is that lukewarm? Do you want me to ask her if she wants to trust Christ?" I mean, what is the line on your first encounter with a mom at the park? Maybe it's those months I spent in Evangelism Explosion as a teenager that make me think I should be more blunt. But then I know that it's the Spirit's job to save her. Mine is just to be obedient and tell. I wonder if what I said was enough? Was that just planting a seed or was that being a coward? I guess I just have to keep praying that I'll be sensitive to the Spirit and trust that He will lead me in that moment. So, pray for Liz. That our paths will cross again at the park or the grocery store or wherever. Pray that even if I never see her again that God would reveal Himself to her in a real way. (But, Lord, I'm willing to be used in that process!)


Jonathan, Andrea & Luke said...

Nat..I'm loving your blog more now. Is that ok that I said I like your blog better now than before? (you see....fear of man!)
Ok..stay focused: Park lady...prayed for her. 1 Corin 3:6
I loved your approach. I tend to hijack people into my car. Much better sweetie. Love ya,A

robinmuse said...

Natalie, I am so excited I found your blog! I am looking forward to keeping up with your life and seeing the Lord work through you! Lily is so precious!! Hopefully, I will see you when I am in town for Megan's wedding. Love, Robin

Hillary Kouba said...

I totally have that same conversation in my head all the time...I don't have any clear answers yet to those questions but like you I'm just trusting that the Spirit will lead :)