Wednesday, February 27, 2008

random info

10 years ago:
I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. Glad those days are over.

Things on my to-do list today:
-Work out
-Bible study
-Look up ideas for Lily's b-day party
-House hunt with Missa
-Dinner with Faith and Evan
-American Idol

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire:
-I would love to carry on the legacy of my grandparents (my grandpa passed away a year and a half ago). Not that they're billionaires, but they live humbly and then bless the socks off their families, churches, ministries, communities, missions, pretty much anywhere they see a need. And I know that I can do that even with what I've been given now, but it would be fun to do it on such a grand scale. :)
-Laser hair removal. Summer, I'm with you. oh, to have smooth legs all the time! I'll especially be wishing for this when I'm nine months prego!
-Travel the world. Stay in NICE hotels and eat AMAZING food.

Three of my bad habits:
-Leaving laundry in the washer so long that I have to rewash it.
-Running late.

Five jobs I have had:
-Golf cart girl/cocktail waitress at a country club. Tips were great...dirty old men weren't.
-Counselor at CrossCamp. Josh and I did this together. Best two summers ever.
-Receptionist at an oral surgeon's office. Got to see lots of crazy things when people came off their anesthesia.
-Ann Taylor. Pretty much spent everything I earned.
-Elementary school music teacher. Loved those little munchkins.

Five things people don't know about me:
-I always have a hair band on my wrist just in case.
-I had a mole removed from my right elbow when I was younger.
-I had lasik a few months before I got married. Before that my vision was BAD.
-I'm always afraid that something is going to fly up out of the disposal and poke my eye out when I turn it on. Does that make me crazy?
-I haven't painted my toenails in several years. Josh prefers the natural look on my feet.

Ok, so I tag Barkley, Lauren C, Andrea H, LB, Sarah.


Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

LOL! Thanks for tagging me honey. Give me a week to respond. Heading out of town on business to see a client. Hugs! Be back.
P.S. Miss you/Josh greatly. Like..seriously bad. Life must really get more normal for us this summer or I'll crack.
P.S. You seriously don't paint your toenails. Oh girl?! If you ever opt to take a risk..."Cha Ching Cherry by OPI". My favorite color ever on my toes. Random strangers compliment me.

Christina said...

hi natalie!! i saw your blog on stephanie richardson's blog. they are in our small group now. congratulations on #2! lily is getting so big. i remember the first time i saw her and she was (i think) 5 weeks old! i hope yall are doing well. you can check out our blog at i just started it but makenna's website has been rolling longer. the link is on the right side - password MakennaMurphy! i hope yall are doing excellent!!! Christina Murphy

Melissa said...

I am shocked that for "things people don't know about you," you didn't put that you wore head-gear in jr. high!

Summy V & DawnyT said...

Natalie, I also ALWAYS have hair band on my wrist just in case. I actually panic if I realized I don't.

p.s. the disposal thing makes you halfway crazy. :)

Dawntoya and Adam said...

For some reason this is all VERY funny to me...and YES that does make you crazy!! The laundry rewash is funny. If we actually HAD a washer and dryer I would probably do that to...the key is actually to leave them in the dryer forever...

The Engelhardt 4 said...

Thanks for playing. It is always good to find out new things about the people we love and adore so much...We will be in town next Thurs through Sun. I hope we can see you at church Sat night...we are planning on attending the 7.
Later Gator.

Bex said...

i love this: "Leaving laundry in the washer so long that I have to rewash it"

thosetonnes said...

That was fun. I do the same with laundry too. Not too good about it. And I would love to do lasik sometime. Hope you are doing well.

Jenna said...

hey i get scared when i turn the disposal on too!!

Lisa Allen said...

I think only a few of those make you sound crazy, but who doesent have at least one thing that puts them in that catagory. I can't wait to see Aners...heehee I will be able to add to her list I am sure. L.