Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blog!

I know it's been almost a month since my last post, and I'm starting to get called out by some (Summer). So, what better way to jump back into blogging than with a birthday celebration. That's right, The Patterson Life blog is a year old this month! In order to recap the year, I've selected my favorite post(s) from each month. Hope you have as much fun reliving 2007 as I did.





May and May 2 (couldn't decide!)









Andrea Bowman said...

oh my gosh lily was so little a year ago! i forgot how little she used to be, she's all grown up!

Summy V & DawnyT said...

yesssssssssss. I love bullying people into updated blogs! :) love you nat! and very creative post.

Gabe, Elizabeth, Perryn, and Teagan said...

I like them all, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE, is 'storytime' in October. I still think that should be a mastercard commericial!!

We miss seeing you guys! We are doing well though here in Round Rock. Blessings,
P.S. I'm glad you updated, I was missing you here in blog world

Kristyn said...

Happy Birthday Blog!! Great way to celebrate Nat! July's post is still one of my favorites, with Josh hiding behind the magazine during a pedi. priceless!!

Bex said...

what a cute idea!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

My favorite was 'it's good to have friends'. I just love a sleeping baby.
I have to say..your the reason I started blogging MISS NATTY PAT!
I'm in love with blogging.
So..I have to say THANK YOU HONEY!
P.S. You need to blog more.
Miss reading your posts.

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Alot of those were some of my favorites too! Hope you guys are well.

lauren w said...

oh my gosh! you have the best blog ever! haha! how can i compete with 'Are Muffins an aphrodisiac' and 'Storytime'! haha those are some of my all time favs! but if i had to pick you know i am gonna go with 'Change is good' :) i don't even think i commented cause i didn't know how then!

Jordan & Christy said...

I love looking back at all the blogs from the past year. Lily has grown up so much it is amazing! It makes me realize how very fast they grow up and that I need to treasure each moment. I hope that you all are doing well - Jayden and I would love to get together with you and Lily sometime - we miss you guys! Hope all is well!

The Hofmanns said...

i just want to say that your july post on josh's pedicure cracked me up... although now i am super insecure about wearing flip flops to work because i have some pretty jacked up feet!! thanks for the laugh.. this was great :)

thosetonnes said...

Happy Birthday Blog!